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Hoping to start games in December..
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 Lies are Expensive [open]
Dante Phoenix
 Posted: Aug 11 2015, 03:48 PM
Dante Phoenix


IN eastern usa

Mew the dark haired teen's cat sounded as he followed behind the boy down the road. Hiss came the black and white cats next words. Ow what the heck a passing lady screamed after the cat had clawed at her leg. Your cat attacked me the women yelled at the dark haired teen. " So, you probably deserved it" The dark haired teen growled at the woman as the cat pushed its ears back against his head. Ow he did it again. Why they hell would i deserve it? the woman argued as she rubbed her sore leg. " Don't argue with his judgement. You probably stared at him funny. End of story chica. " Dante growled as his eyebrow arched in annoyance.

Meeeeeeeow the black and white sounded as he lowered himself to the ground. " Your digging your whole deep woman. Now go away." The boy warned in the same clearly annoyed tone of voice. Oh my gosh it cut open my leg the woman screamed after the cat had clawed at her for the third time. " Stupid" Dante mumbled under his breathe as the woman limped off in a hurry. As the dark haired teen touched his hair briefly the cat hissed at the woman. After a tail swish the cat used a near by trash can to jump on to his owners shoulder. " Good boy" the dark haired teen told the cat as he petted its head gently.

Mew mew the cat mewed as it stared at the street ahead of them. " Yes that woman was a ugly assbutt" Dante said in way that suggested the cat had said it to him first. That of course was an impossible thing. But , the dark haired man's mind processed as a thing that could happen.
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