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 i have no shame, tag: alucard black
Logan Slade
 Posted: Nov 1 2015, 12:24 PM
Logan Slade

PLAYED BY nicole

IN U.S. Central

and you smiled like an angel---
fallen from grace

Social events were not a new thing for Logan. In her years since winning the games, it had become a regular occurrence for her to be in the public eye at events like this. Her stylist team was her only constant companion, and they made sure she was constantly looking perfect. She was not sure exactly what this event was for, but she was told to dress to impress and be her charming self.

Her womanly figure was wrapped in a red dress with an open back to show off a long expanse of delicate, creamy skin, all of her scars from the arena gone with incredible modern cosmetics. She stood in a corner among a group of the Capitol's elite, most of which were men looking far too closely at the exposed parts of her cleavage. She had a glass of some bubbly alcohol in her hand, and sipped on it between good natured laughs. This was what her life had become.

She took another sip of her drink as Xavier, one of her handlers, appeared at her side, touching her shoulder gentle to gain her ear. She tilted her head towards him, listening as he pointed across the room to a gentleman with long dark hair, telling her hewas the head gamekeeper and she was to make his "acquaintance". She nodded, taking another sip of her drink before making her way across the room.

She moved like water, fluid and graceful until she appeared at Black's side, smiling politely, and perhaps a bit flirtatiously. "Would you like to play a game, Gamekeeper?"

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Alucard Black
 Posted: Nov 1 2015, 02:36 PM
Alucard Black


IN n/a

Alucard had been at one of the long tables being talked up by a few other party goers for longest time. However , little did they know he had stopped listening to their conversation an hour a go. Joke was on them and the dark haired man would never tell. The green eyed man had always be good at lying and pretending that he had been listening to something that bored him to death. Right now the people near him sounded like they had started talking about some fashion craze . Alucard show no interest in that since he usually always wore green and gold stuff.

When his drink had emptied the sly man casually drifted away from the group to another drink table. A short moment after he had arrived the tall man had started to pour himself another drink. This time the drink had been non alcoholic. He did not fancy getting drunk nor did he think his cat back home would like it either. A short moment after he had taken a sip a girl had drifted over to him. She looked familiar very familiar. After a few moments of thinking about it he finally remembered her as a tribute and now victor of the hunger games.

" They have games at the party? Shows what the they tell me these days huh. How rude." The dark haired man commented after he had shifted his green drink to his right hand. " Where are these games?" The dark haired man soon had asked after he had taken a few sips of his green drink. " This drink is good you must try some. " The light eyed game maker had announced a moment later at random for some reason. Some people had stared them but , the man failed to even notice or care.

its where my demons hide
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