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 i've turned into a monster, victor | 23 | e. rossum
Logan Slade
 Posted: Oct 31 2015, 08:50 AM
Logan Slade

PLAYED BY nicole

IN U.S. Central

logan slade
okay, so here's logan slade, originally from district five and victor of the sixty-seventh hunger games. she's twenty-three years old, and is just now becoming a mentor. for the past five years she has been forced into "service" by the president to entertain the elite of panem. she is commonly referred to as the viper of district five for her tact in the arena, acting defenseless and then showing her true colors at the last minute.

first thing is some friends. to be honest, logan probably doesn't have many of these that are real friends. she's a bizarre character, prone to drink in excess and recluse herself as much as possible. when she is around people, she has a very crass sense of humor and often is very blunt and rather rude. however, when she is practicing her "profession", she is what she needs to be for the situation. as such, i would imagine she probably has plenty of people that think she's their friend, when she really is not. however, everyone needs at least one real friend, and logan is no exception. i won't be picky as to who this person is, but they have to have a personality that will mesh with hers.

second thing is some enemies. there are probably a lot more of these than there are friends. logan is, genuinely, not a likable person. so i'm sure there are plenty of people that don't like her. also, with her profession, i'm sure there's probably plenty of spouses to her clientele that don't care for her either.

and last are the lovers. with her profession, there are a lot of these, but never on her own terms. these will be the wealthy elite of the capitol and panem. often men that president snow has set her up with. these can be one time affairs or repeat clients, but there's lot of room to work with here.

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