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 Day at the Beach (Open)
Rainey Cove
 Posted: Nov 2 2015, 03:16 AM
Rainey Cove
District Resident


IN Central

tags // outfit // short note
Rain had decided a few days after the reaping to go to the beach, not to fish or anything like that but just to sit and hang out without any of her younger siblings coming to see her. They were at the neighbors house today and would be staying with them while she was gone, she carried her flip flops down to the beach with her. People would probably think living by the beach all your life would mean you got tired of it but that wasn't the case with her, she had always loved the sea and was practically a fish herself. She walked down the steps of the dock and landed on the soft white sand; she took a deep breath and sighed at the familiar salty smell of the ocean, it was clear and a beautiful blue. She watched as the smaller fish swam closer to the land than the bigger ones.

Rain found herself a nice shaded place to sit and relax for the day, she had her shop closed for the afternoon and would reopen it a little later around three o clock. She had been skipping out on school since the reaping, she didn't like the stares her fellow students gave her. Rain saw pity in their eyes not only for her but for her siblings as well; she pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them. What would happen to her siblings if she were to die in the hunger games? They'd be all alone, they had already lost both their parents now they would possibly loose her. She had done this in order to protect her baby sister but she hadn't thought of the consequences, she only had one thought: to protect her family no matter the cost. But now, she was having second thoughts, she didn't want to leave her siblings alone and without someone to protect them.

Rain suddenly got a mental picture of her siblings being alone and homeless, the shop closed down everything she cherished gone. It made her more determined than ever to keep that from happening and to win the games. Rain hadn't noticed she had begun to cry over possibly not coming back to her family.

Storms are beautiful


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