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 In The Midst Of The Dark Woods - - open
Arizona Klane
 Posted: Aug 10 2015, 08:24 PM
Arizona Klane
District Resident YEARS OLD

IN n/a

Arizona Klane - - 16 - - D7

Tears fluttered down her light brown eyes as she ran into the darkened forest. She heaved deep breaths of exhaustion and pure stuttering for a breath. 'Why? Why does this always happen. I-I can't deal with it. People just need to stop, oh gosh, just stop. Why did I lose Chyrssy...?' She thought to herself, tears still streaming down from her clouded eyes. She kept heaving crying breaths. Once she was far enough into the woods she stopped to rest near an old tree. She leaned against it, using her wrist to wipe the tears from her face. "Why can't she just come back... Why couldn't it of been me..." She muttered quietly to herself through stammers of crying. She flopped down and leaned against the tree. Her palms were thrown over her face, covering up her tear strewn face which was now red and blotchy. Tears fled into her hands.

After a few moments her cries and tears dried out. She just sat in the darkness of the wooded covered trees breathing silently. She looked up at the sky, imagining, and hoping that her little sister was in a better place. She just didn't know though, though she supposed any place would be better than here. 'I should of tried harder...' She thought to herself in disappointment. She sighed and just sat there, staring at nothing and doing nothing but sitting and thinking. All she could ever do was think, which led her to being as miserable as she always had been since her younger sister had passed.

played by - - luminescent
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