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Hoping to start games in December..
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 I don't want to do this, Lukas
~Sahalie Drake
 Posted: Sep 27 2015, 08:21 AM
~Sahalie Drake

D5 Mentor

IN LOst and Alone in this hell i've created

So many people and so many buildings. Sahalie hated the capitol not because she hated that they put her in the games and she has come out of them. She hated it because of all the people. She hated it because the machines weren't pleasant sounding and she couldn't help them.. She wanted to be back in five with the turbines and the solar panels and the hydrodam. Anywhere but the capitol really. She had been brought her for a interview and then she had been asked to stay. She was supposed to be heading to the entertainment sector soon enough to help out with a fashion show. She didn't want to do anything. She held tightly to her wolf which had only been given back to her after she threw a complete fit about it being taken from her in the first place. It got bad enough that the peacekeeper that had been stationed out side of the interview place had, had to come in to calm her down. She wasn't a happy little victor right now.

She ducked into a cafe and hid in a corner booth. She was alone right now and they owner brought her a hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie and she thanked him and watched the people move about. She just wanted to go home and they wouldn't let her. She was avoiding the stylists she saw. Everyone wanted to use her as their little doll and it was always the highest bidder or something that got her. She didn't like it she just wanted to be left alone especially with the games so close to starting. She curled up in the booth and sipped on the hot chocolate sitting her wolf down on the seat next to her. She would't mind another victor of something coming up to talk to her she was just trying to calm down now before the fashion show that she had some time before she had to get to it.
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