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 when your falling, open
Freya Wilde
 Posted: Feb 17 2015, 05:30 PM
Freya Wilde


'your just a little girl, and you do as i tell you' the voice inside of Freya's head told her. It was her fathers voice. The voice she had heard so many times before. The last time she had heard that voice was the day of the reaping three years ago. Her father had told her that if her sister's name was called she was to voulenteer. Freya had always known that she meant nothing to her father, nothing at all. She was not meant to be there. They had only planned for one more baby, not two as they had gotten. She had not spoken to her father since that day, not exchanged a single word. To her, her family was no longer around her, no longer a part of her life. Her father had made her feel unwanted, un loved at so many occations. So when she had gone home after winning the games she had locked herself up in the victors village.

Now she found herself in the capitol, alone with her thoughts. She hated being alone with her thoughts they frighten her. She would jump just by the smallest movement or noise. She lifted her head as she walked out of district ones quarters, and headed down to one of the other rooms that was used to gather people. It wasn't that she wanted to talk to anyone, it was just that she didn't want to be alone. She silently made her way into the room. She glanced around shortly before she made her way over towards the window.

She enjoyed sitting in the windowpost, thought it was easier at home. In the capitol they seemed to be afraid that the victors would toss themselves out of the windows. Freya wasn't surprised, she had tried once, when all the memories had taken over for her and she could no longer control her actions. Hearing a voice saying she could join them sitting in the sofa she looked up slightly, before she looked out of the window. "I dont think i would be good company right now, I'm sorry" she said shortly before looking down at her hands. She wanted to be good company, but a part of her just felt like she was falling and could not do anything.
~Sahalie Drake
 Posted: Feb 17 2015, 08:03 PM
~Sahalie Drake

D5 Mentor

IN LOst and Alone in this hell i've created

Sahalie had been requested to stay at the capitol for a longer period of time then she wanted to be. She was sitting up in her apartment of the fifth level because that's where all the files were supposed to be. It wasn't like they couldn't buy a house or something in the capitol it was just well the apartments were better. She held tightly to her wolf. She never parted with the stuffed animal for long and if it ain't the world there was a small cubed box that she would carry around. That however was at home so she refused to be parted from the wolf for any reason.

The now fourteen year old victor had another responsibility to take care of. She wasn't a people person and the capitol was trying to push her to be more social. She didn't like it and she just wanted to be home with the machines. The machines in the capitol were still weird to her. The 90th games were nearly around the corner and the nightmares were getting worse and worse. She wanted to be home. She took a deep breath and finally headed down to the large gathering place. It wasn't like she would be notice if she went down there anyways.

Upon arriving she looked around and was met with the fact that another victor was sitting in one of the window sills. She moved down to another part that she could sit at and curled up and held her wolf. As usual everyone left her only so she could observe.
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