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Jenna Link

District Resident

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Sep 1 2015, 04:31 PM
Jenna had just gotten out of class when she saw the fight outside the school house. The dark haired girl soon wrinkled her nose at the sight after she had adjusted her bag on her shoulder. She hated fighting and she hated getting involved in it. But, she always rather disliked watching kids getting beaten up. The dark haired mentally betted ten pieces of bread that the kid hadn't done anything to the bullies. Jenna mostly tried to ignore bullies especially when they attempted to make fun of her.

For a few moments the dark haired girl debated heading back inside to get a teacher. But , the other half her told her that would make her a snitch. But , on the other hand she did not want to be a witness to a murder. No stop it they won't kill him the dark haired girl tried to tell herself. At least she hoped that it would not turn out that way. That thought made her feel uncomfortable as few kids rushed passed her to get a closer look at the fight.
Mar 8 2015, 10:09 PM
jenna link

NAME: jenna link

AGE: sixteen

STATUS: single

RESIDENCE: District 3


PLAY-BY: anna popplewell

RACE: white

EYES: brown , alomnd

HAIR: brown , wavy , shoulder


HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5"5 , 140



    - math
    - attitude
    - day dreamy.

    - fixing things
    - School work
    - Bring helpful.

    -nail biting
    -wonders alot
    - curiousity
    Jenna is very adventurous and curious type of gal. She loves seeing and experiencing new things and even touching them to learn more about it. If she finds an activity interesting she often wants to try it . Generally jenna is kind person but , she can develop an attitude when the time presents its self. jenna is a caring person who aims to protect and take care of her family. She seems to be the advice giver and the good listener of the link family. Despite her soft spoken nature she knows how to take care of her self. If she has to she will protect her self by biting or hitting or even cursing at someone. After doing this she usually doesn't care if she feels that you deserved it. If you start an argument with her , you can bet she will argue back. But , she does know how to hold her tongue when she needs to. jenna also has a bluntness to her and also sarcasm. Using her creative mind she is able to come up with multiple outcomes for different situations. She also has a tendency to ramble and blurt out things she is thinking. jenna is also an avid story teller.

Mylee Link [36]-birth mom- Tech operator
Jaylyn Coil [35]- step mother- Computer tech
Robbie Bomber -father-dead-

Josh Spark [14 at death] [adopted brother]



OTHERS: Tessa Crossent 34 Aunt Operator


[blockquote]Jenna grew up in district three with her two mothers. At the time of her birth she had a father but , he passed away. When Jenna turned three her mother met her step mother and it was love at first site. As for jobs her birth mother worked as a tech support oprator. And her step mother worked as a computer fixer. When Jenna turned eleven the family too in an eleven year old boy from the street. Jenna felt bad for the boy and thought he was gross at first. But , after getting to know him a little but they became close friends.

At thier first reaping her little cousin got reaped for the games. In the end her cousin only made it to day 5. After the games her mother let her aunt come live with them. A few months after that her step mother taught her about computers and fixing things. A year later her adoptive brother got reaped for a games. On day 3 her little brother got killed by a nasty caree from four. Jenna was heart broken for a while and she vowed to avenge her brother and make if proud if she even got reaped. In the present day her mothers havent adopted any more kids but , the family did adopt a cat.[/blockquote]

NAME: Blaze

AGE: 24



WHAT'S THE SECRET WORD?: not telling

HOW'D YOU FIND US?: i own the site XD

DATE: 03/08/2015

ROLEPLAY SAMPLE: (Must be at least 2 paragraphs).

post your RP sample here

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