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Sep 27 2015, 08:21 AM
So many people and so many buildings. Sahalie hated the capitol not because she hated that they put her in the games and she has come out of them. She hated it because of all the people. She hated it because the machines weren't pleasant sounding and she couldn't help them.. She wanted to be back in five with the turbines and the solar panels and the hydrodam. Anywhere but the capitol really. She had been brought her for a interview and then she had been asked to stay. She was supposed to be heading to the entertainment sector soon enough to help out with a fashion show. She didn't want to do anything. She held tightly to her wolf which had only been given back to her after she threw a complete fit about it being taken from her in the first place. It got bad enough that the peacekeeper that had been stationed out side of the interview place had, had to come in to calm her down. She wasn't a happy little victor right now.

She ducked into a cafe and hid in a corner booth. She was alone right now and they owner brought her a hot chocolate and a chocolate chip cookie and she thanked him and watched the people move about. She just wanted to go home and they wouldn't let her. She was avoiding the stylists she saw. Everyone wanted to use her as their little doll and it was always the highest bidder or something that got her. She didn't like it she just wanted to be left alone especially with the games so close to starting. She curled up in the booth and sipped on the hot chocolate sitting her wolf down on the seat next to her. She would't mind another victor of something coming up to talk to her she was just trying to calm down now before the fashion show that she had some time before she had to get to it.
Aug 13 2015, 07:30 PM

Tribute To The Fallen A Hunger Games RPG
To All Of

The war has ended, peace is finally upon our great nation again.

In accordance of the agreement to end the war, the Capitol has agreed to allow the districts back into their good graces. In return the remaining twelve districts have agreed every year that every child's, from the ages of twelve to eighteen, names will be put into a lottery. It is then that a Capitol appointed escort will draw two names from each district and those two children will come to the capitol where they, for one week, will learn how to fight. At the end of that week, twenty four children will be taken to an arena where they will fight to the death, until one remains, allowed to return home they will be lavished and treated to a life of Luxury, for the rest of their life.


Thomas James
President Of Panem

Grand Opening| Set Just After The 20th Games | Many Victors Still Open | All Original Characters and Plots
Feb 2 2015, 05:12 PM
Sahalie had been roused from her bed two days ago to a letter from the capitol and her stylist being right next to her bed. She'd nearly fallen off the other end of it. She looked at the letter and sighed. Jasper just hugged her tightly for a few moment. "Ready my little one?" He had asked as he got her up and ready. She kissed her parents goodbye and headed for the train. It was something every year it was something. She hated being social really hated it. She took a deep breath as the pulled into the capitol. At least she'd have a little time before she had to do the photoshoot with the previous years victor. She took a deep breath and got out of the train with a sad smile on her face that the capitolites could eat up.

She was escorted to an apartment and she collapsed onto the couch when she got there. "Why do they need me. Didn't do this already. what is it that's gonna make this different." Jasper sighed knowing that the young girl was annoyed by this and that she'd want to be somewhere else. Soon enough the images around the apartment changed into the windmills of district five which was something that Sahalie had created for the sake of keeping her sanity. She took a deep breath. "I'm sorry" Jasper shook his head. "Don't be i know you don't want to do all of this. but just bare with it. If you do that all will be fine." Sahalie nodded her head.

The time passed slowly and then she was being brought down to the area for her photo shoot. She took a deep breath and stood there holding her wolf close to her. She never went anywhere without it. She knew who last years winner had been and he was so much older than she was. She was afraid of him actually like she was afraid of most people. It was why she didn't get why they were doing a photoshoot for the capitol and a interview as well it would seem. She's seen one of the journalist hovering about. She'd won now two years ago since the 90th games was coming ever so closer. The man she was going to be in pictures with had one the year after her. She took a deep breath trying to keep herself calm.

She curled up on a chair waiting looking down at her wolf her face buried in it.
Feb 2 2015, 04:35 PM
sahalie hova drake
strong willed, determined, kind, cunning, shy

NAME: Sahalie Hova Drake

AGE: fourteen

STATUS: single

RESIDENCE: District five, victor village

OCCUPATION: Victor/Mentor

PLAY-BY: Ryan Newman

RACE: caucasion mix

EYES: blue; oval

HAIR: brown, mid back, usually wavy at the bottom otherwise straigh

SKINTONE: She's slightly taned. She's got a little more of an ivory hue to her but because of hours out in the sun she's got that working in her favor.

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: Four nine and 105 pounds

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: When it comes to distringuishing features she does not have many. Her eyes however are the first things people usually see.

    Her parents and Uncle Tony: Sheloves them deeply and they are the only living breathing people that she actually cares about save for Uncle Tony whom is an old mechanic that works with her dad that treats Sahalie as one of his own.
    People relations: Sahalie is a bit of an odd ball. She does not understand people very well. She lacks empathy in a way. People also scare her where as the machines do not. Its all the more true since she got out of the games. She standoffish but she can take a liking to you. If that happens be ready for questions.
    Mentality/Memory/Games: She came out of her games slightly more messed up then she had entered them. She came out more afraid of people then she already was and afraid of what even she would do to stay alive. She also both during the day and at night has nightmares of the arena and still calls out the names of the two tributes that helped her out the most in the games. She is deeply distrub on this front but she does try to hold her own. After all there is a strong will in her. She's just slightly broken.
    Fixing machines: Some say she is a born mechanic. She listens to the machines like no one else can and can jury rigg a fix if need be before the actual maintence crew gets out three.
    Hiding: The fact that she survived her games comes from this little strength. She hid when it counted and she learned to fight because she had too.
    designing puzzles: the girl has an inventors brain so to speak. She draws puzzles and machines in her spare time.
    running: Another something that helped her out in the arena. If she wants to get away from something she can run with all her might and be rather speedy.
    Strong willed: Sahalie was born with a strong will. One that didn't want her to die when she was a mere baby and one that didn't want her to die in that arena. She's also determined to live for those that lost their lives though she's still scared and confused.
    Silent: Sahalie wasn't talkative to begin with. She does not exactly understand people well and so she remains silent when she's in groups or at a loss for what to do.
    Mechanically minded: the machines are her friends and she can tell you when they are about to fail without having to analyze them like the other members of the analyst team or the other mechanics around. Machines mean more to her then people do at times.
    Always holding either a cube like puzzle or Wolfie her stuff wolf she got during her games. She's still very much a child.
    Asks way to many questions when she's interested in something.
    Sahalie is a rather interesting girl. She is quiet when it comes to conversations with other human beings. At least when it comes to normal things like the weather and how she is feeling. She is generally shy around most people unless you get her around machinery or anything that makes the power that supplies the districts and the capital. Much like her mother and father machines mean a bit more to her then humans due. She can tell you when one of them is sick and needs fixing before most people even know what's going on. Her favorite machines are the windmills that create the power to supply many of the other machines in the district. She asks none stop questions about certain things she doesn't understand. At least if she's comfortable she will. Her parents are patient and answer everything that they can for her. Others find it a little annoying.

    She's a very smart young lady but many think her a bit odd. Truthfully when she's alone she really isn't. She converses inside her mind with the sister that never made it as far as she did. Her sister is what drives her to do the things that she does. Its with her sisters help that she engages in conversation with regular people. Curious by nature she strives to live for both of them though it seems a little odd to most people. Her parents are not sure why she does what she does but they let it go because they realize that Sahalie is in truth her own person in one way or another and she will excel in what she puts her mind too.

    Since coming home from her games though she's been even more reserved and will flinch at any suddenly yelling or loud nosies not coming from the machines in her district that she loves so much. People scare her more now and she hates being up on the stage on reaping day. She's a bit broken and her parents are striving to help their daughter. It seems that even her sisters coaxing isn't exactly listened to as much either. However, that's the only thing keeping her from doing anything drastic. She'd scared still and hasn't found anyone that's truly been able to help her come to terms with things and she misses the two people that got her out of the games when she thought she was going to die early on.

PARENTS: Nicole Drake nee Avner; 45; systems analyst; alive
Mike Drake: 45; power mechanic; alive

SIBLINGS: Stacy; three days; deceased





[blockquote](at leastLife before her Hunger Games:

Sahalie was the second child born to Nicole and Mike Avner. Stacy her twin sister made it three days through life before she died. Sahalie in her own way was devastated but likely not as badly as her parents were. As a baby she just knew that someone was missing one day. Her parents feared that she'd be just as frail as her sister but she was not. She survived by sure will as many would say. The doctors never expected the twins to live past their first few days of life because of the difficulty of their births and the fact that they came early. Sahalie was strong and rather willful even at that young of an age. They took their baby home after burying one. It wasn't until Sahalie got old enough to play with imaginary friends that her parents realized they'd never really lost Stacy because that daughter lived on in the one that they had. They are a very loving family towards eachother. Sahalie's father is a mechanic and her mother is a systems analyst. Her parents believe that she is the true born mechanic and that Stacy would have been the systems analyst. Its a bit hard to tell as Sahalie does not voice much of an opinion on the systems analyst things she's seen her mom do. She can tell you the ins and out of machines like it was no buddies business. She even helped fix one of the downed machines when she was little and out with her father. She likes to be left alone and is usually seen in the fields around the windmills. She's extremely smart but there are things that will overwhelm her. When she gets overwhelmed she will either run away to the mills or she'll lock herself in her room until things in her mind calm down. She has been known to black out at times as well which worries her parents.

She didn't fear the games up until her first time at the reaping. That day was an utterly terrifying day for the twelve year old.

The 88th Annual Hunger Games:

Sahalie walked to the reaping like all the other children. She was wearing a pretty grey dress that her mother had picked out for her and her hair was up in pigtail braids. She was terrified of what might await her but her name should have only been in the bowl once because of her age. So she tried to be brave and hoped that she wouldn't get chosen. The odds were not in her favor. After the video her name was called. She froze in place eyes going wide. It took her a few moments to move from her spot so that the peacekeeper could escort her up to the stage. She prayed someone would volunteer but she had no friends to do that at the time and it was typical of her district. So when she got to the stage she tried not to shake and she tried to stand tall.

She was shaking though as the male tribute was called. The male tribute walked up onto the stage and when they told them to shake hands he took her into his arms instead and promised to keep her safe. They made an alliance right there on that stage. When they left to go into the justice building Sahalie was fighting back tears but she didn't cry. She said her goodbyes and then headed in a daze to the train her hand never leaving the hand of her district partner. He was the only thing keeping her steady. Once in the train though she ran for a room. She didn't do what was typical of tributes in that case. She put herself in a room on the train and broke down into tears.

The night of the interviews she was nervous. She had the help of her stylist to guide her though. She walked up on that stage with a smile on her face and the capitol ate it all up. She told them that for her it didn't matter what happened. she just wanted to send her district partner home because he was needed by his family. It was a heart warming story and it played well for the capitol it seemed. She scored a 9 for her assessments and apparently really showed something for the Gamemakers to remember her by. She ran through an obstacle course filled with dangers that only someone who knew how machines would would get out of it. And she did it almost flawlessly. The morning of the games however she hadn't slept much the night before. As a matter of fact she had tried to keep it so Issac could sleep but it failed somewhere halfway through the night when he came running in because she had called his name. He stayed with her the rest of the night but she didn't really sleep all that much better.

She said good bye to her stylist and looked at the colored bandage around her arm signifying the color of her district. A windmill necklace around her neck and her hair tied into two braided buns. She was ready to go though she was scared to death. Her stylist Jasper kissed the top of her head and put her inside of the tube. She looked around as she came into the arena and froze on her pedestal when she saw where she was. It was a hospital out of a scary story. She nearly panicked and blacked out until she snapped herself out of it and the count down started. The cannon went off and she waited for a second before she flew off her pedestal. Issac told her to grab something and run. To get out of there quickly and he'd catch up. Told her to run and not look back and being obdient at least to his words she ran. She found her way into an elevator and surprised at the fact that another tribute took a blow for her to get into it.

A battle happened in the elevator as well but once all was sad and done she and the other were safe inside of the parking garage with ambulances and other cars in it. She ran for the ambulance thinking it may have something to help the boy that had saved her. Soon enough the boy's ally was with them and they hid out. That wasn't to be though. The anthem woke them up and as they looked at the sky Sahalie froze. Issac's face was the last one to appear. Her eyes went wide and she ran not thinking and not even realizing it until it was two late and she was being saved by an alliance the district 12 male had made. She had seen the district 12 male once and had spoken with him. He helped her run with the rest of his group hoping that they wouldn't run into the careers that had gotten to them. It was by then Sahalie had seen the death of the male that had saved her and the female that had joined them. The alliance at some point got split up and half went to the morgue the other somewhere else.

Horrors awaited them in the morgue and after escaping a zombie mutt of a previous tribute they ran into the district one female. Sahalie blinded her momentarily with a flashlight and ran. Days and horrors blended into one as the tributes struggled to stay alive until the gamemakers had an idea. Soon enough she woke up in a room all on her own. She looked around the room scared out of her mind. She didn't know what was going on and wasn't sure she'd been knocked out in a fight or something before. Her head hurt but she found her way out of that room and headed up to the roof. A feast awaited her there.

At first all she did was hide and hope that she would be safe. When the boy from twelve found her she breathed a sigh of relief and they went to the feast together. They were the first to arrive and Sahalie thought about a bottle of poison she had in her pocket. It would get rid of the people that came up to them but soon enough they were all sitting at the table. She still had the vile and as they all choose drinks she slipped in the poison to the nearest person next to her. The district one male who had been seated across from her choke on the food they had been eating and died. No one actually realized that it was Sahalie that had done it and that he hadn't chocked but he'd been poisoned. The district one female had had enough of the chatter at the table though and soon enough Sahalie was crawling out from under food that had been displace. She was building but not even she was ready to fight. She and the district seven male, and four female went after the district one female. She was fast but not as fast as the three of them. Of course they didn't come out unscathed. Things were heating up and literally. A fire had started in the building and was reaching the roof quickly. The district two male coming to the aid of the district one female took out the female from for. But then was locked in a battle with twelve.

Sahalie saw the district two and twelve males die. As she and the district seven male finally did off the district one female. District seven's axe doing the most damage. Sahalie screamed with the last of her alliance fell. She looked at the boy from seven who she knew would turn on her. He didn't do it at first. He just stared at the remains of the twelve and two males. As they began to burn up in the flames that had reached the roof. Sahalie looked around and upon listen past the fire she heard a sound she knew that of a machine somewhere. It didn't matter were at that moment. So she backed up to a point where she could have fallen off the roof. That was when the district seven male came at her. Running blindly so to speak to get away from the fire that had been quickly surrounding him. She moved to the side just out of reach but was burned in the process. She screamed out causing him to change course. Sahalie risked being burned more as she ran towards the other side of the roof that was already on fire. The district seven male followed but slipped and the flames the were circling them now from all direction crept in on him. Sahalie looked for an exit but she hurt to much and was slow the adrenaline wearing down that was when she heard the scream. The district seven male was running at her but not fast enough flames were moving in and she backed herself into a corner trying to get out of his way as the flames caught his back side but he still came after her until he stepped on a portion of the roof that decided to collapse under the pressure and he went falling. She screamed out as the fire started to engulf her but as soon as the canon sounded water rained down on the arena. She was pressed up against something that was burning her anyways. A metal air until or something like that. She didn't know what was going on. But she knew it was over.

She got off that hover craft not on her own two feet. She was rushed to the medical facilities. She passed out shortly after and woke to find that she was the victor of the 88th annual hunger games. She's been out for days they had been unable to wake her until she had stirred that morning. Her interview was interesting. She didn't speak but used a machine to write the answers to the questions to the interviewer. She broke the capitols heart and has been the darling little jewel of the capitol ever since. She did her interview with voice on the start of her victory tour but as it went on she employed the use of the machine once again. She rarely speaks to anyone these days. And wakes up from nightmares screaming her district partners name or the name of her alliance partner at the end.[/blockquote]

NAME: Stella

AGE: twenty-six



WHAT'S THE SECRET WORD?: catching fire


DATE: Jan/31st/2015


The square loomed infront of Sahalie's eyes as she heard her name called. She moved slowly up to the stage and then Issac came up right after her. He'd told her as clear as day even now that he'd protect her and he'd be her alliance partner when the time came in the arena. Suddenly the fear washed over her and the image changed to the countdown to the blood bath. The count down ended and the canon went off. She ran for a bag and looked up to see Issac. He told her to run and to go as quickly as possible. She obeyed his words after all he'd promised her he'd find her and the he'd search and not give up until he did. He'd told her that the night before. So she ran as fast as she could and got injured and then the images change to the anthem that night and her running. Then the scene changes again and there is fire all around her.

In the real world her body starts to shake and then she suddenly bolts up screaming. "ISSAC!!! ANJI!!" A fourteen year old girl stares at the ceiling of her room. Her father run in and looks over at her. "Say its alright. you're home your safe." He picks up the wolf plushie that seemed to have fallen off her bed and hands it to his daughter. She takes it from him and curles into a ball. "Sahalie it's okay now." He says as he kisses her on the forehead before leaving the room once again. Sahalie holds tight to her wolf and flips over. "its never gonna be okay." she whispers out to no one.

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