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 On the Outside Looking in, Open
Jenna Link
 Posted: Sep 1 2015, 04:31 PM
Jenna Link
District Resident


IN eastern usa

Jenna had just gotten out of class when she saw the fight outside the school house. The dark haired girl soon wrinkled her nose at the sight after she had adjusted her bag on her shoulder. She hated fighting and she hated getting involved in it. But, she always rather disliked watching kids getting beaten up. The dark haired mentally betted ten pieces of bread that the kid hadn't done anything to the bullies. Jenna mostly tried to ignore bullies especially when they attempted to make fun of her.

For a few moments the dark haired girl debated heading back inside to get a teacher. But , the other half her told her that would make her a snitch. But , on the other hand she did not want to be a witness to a murder. No stop it they won't kill him the dark haired girl tried to tell herself. At least she hoped that it would not turn out that way. That thought made her feel uncomfortable as few kids rushed passed her to get a closer look at the fight.
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